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A resilient organisation posesses a strong will but also an adaptable one. While many might view corporate resilience merely as measures for business continuity and risk management, even the ability to do that will be impinged by a lack of workforce engagement and a lack of psychological safety. Just like the body with a strong immune system, the wellness of the organisation can be built to be resilient against unforeseen circumstances in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

The problems surrounding lack of resilience

It's not uncommon to point fingers at multigenerational structures and suggest that one generation is less resilient than another. The truth is that many people have suffered unknowingly at the hands of the pandemic and other economic tragedies that the root cause has been buried. Here's what typically happens when an organisation is not resilient.

Why build organizational resilience?

There are several reasons why you should build a resilient organization.

Solutions for Low Resilience

There are many ways for building resilience within your corporation. As facilitators and educators in the field of wellness, we bring together mind-body-spirit connections so that individuals are grounded, less volatile and more positive. We utilize some of the following approaches to help organisations arrive at a higher sense of resilience.

Are you ready to build corporate resilience?

We have personally experienced what it is like to buckle under pressure and having to climb out of a rut without help or resources, and can tell you that it is a painful journey of recovery. When we cover these stories and help participants to understand that they are not alone, we set the stage for their learning experience. As a result, our participants experience a higher level of groundedness and put in place simple but effective personal practices to improve their resilience. Resilience is not just about covering up weakness. It is about building a brighter future and one that has the employee's well-being at heart. With a clearer focus on this as a cornerstone, organisations can look forward toward a more dynamic and engaged workforce.

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