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I am a TED speaker, facilitator and coach with experience facilitating trainings and moderating panels. I facilitate training programs in Well-Being, Stress and Energy Management, Mindfulness, Resilience , LinkedIn Personal Branding, Networking, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Mastery, Negotiation Skills and Communication.

As I champion my well-being work and documenting my journey on LinkedIn, people started reaching out to seek for advice on Personal Branding. Yes, I help coaches and consultants to build a strong personal brand which attract stream of opportunities that align with your authentic Mission / Purpose. 


Hello, I'm Ratna

In 2021, I walked away from a career in Career Development in the University to pursue my calling in supporting people’s well-being.

I’m helping the community on a much broader scale. As the Founder & CEO of The Mindgem, I develop people and organizations to elevate their well-being and build high performance teams, I facilitate transformation through workshops, team building, coaching and retreats.

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Case #1
Unified Leadership:
ID Integrated

We wrapped up the Unified Leadership Retreat for ID Integrated (IDI)

3 days | 27 leaders | 4 countries
They all aimed for:

* Teamwork and collaboration
* Cohesive culture
* Leadership strengths
* Trust and employee engagement

Seeing the beaming faces of participants, inspired to make a positive impact on their teams and the organization’s success was a powerfully satisfying experience! 

Case #2
Employee Advocacy:

When employees advocate for your workplace, it:

✳️ Boosts credibility and trust in your brand
✳️ Enhances recruitment efforts by attracting top talent
✳️ Strengthens company culture and employee engagement
✳️ Drives organic reach and authentic marketing

Had a great time partnering Ogilvy to empower AIA Singapore leaders and staff to become Brand Ambassador!

Case #3
The Heart of Resilience:

I was engaged to share about the secret of resilience and what makes an effective and strong team. I shared my journey of overcoming my biggest fear of public speaking to fulfilling my mission to help others. I invited them to share their resilience story.

👉🏻 The highlight was when the team leader shared his experience of battling with fear of public speaking, challenging his limits and now leading a high performing team.

We rounded off the session embracing our common humanity and shared purpose.

More than 30 Organisations served!

We are a mission driven Learning and Development organisation that aims to empower individuals and organisations to build sustainable well-being and resilience as a strategy for personal fulfilment and organisational success. 

We partner with Business Leaders to elevate well-being and build high performance teams. We also facilitate Personal Branding, Networking and Employee Advocacy Workshops.

The Mind Gem
The Mind Gem
The Mind Gem
The Mind Gem

How can We Support You?

2 years ago when I started being active on LinkedIn, I wanted to champion my own work in elevating well-being 🧘🏻‍♀️ and building high performing team.

If I don’t, who will right?

I started sharing my solopreneurship journey, my struggles, milestones and everything in between.

From struggling to write one post to getting captive audience and engagement, it was such a rewarding journey for me.

Not only that, the most fulfilling part is :
🌈 10x growth of followership
🌈 Getting brand sponsorship
🌈 Connected with amazing people
🌈 Recognised as LinkedIn Top Voice
🌈 Lead generation has never been easier


Reason #1:


This is my approach to living a full life without compromising my dreams.

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Reason #2:

Bite Sized Learning!

Hire us too for short, impactful talks to enrich your busy organization!

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Reason #3:


Talk to us about installing a mentoring culture in your organisation!

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Reason #4:

Personal Brand Coaching!

Join me and my network of 21000+ on LinkedIn to build your unique voice online.

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Reason #5:

Team Retreats!

Let us facilitate your team retreats for better cohesion and performance.

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Reason #6:


Learning is best with conversations that touch the soul.

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Why The Mindgem

We aim to empower individuals and organisations to build sustainable well-being and resilience as a strategy for personal fulfilment and organisational success.

Reason #7:


Join our group of clients who are constantly learning and growing.

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Reason #8:

Experiential Learning!

Our are engaged with deep experiences they will remember.

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Reason #9:

Learning Journeys!

Tap on our network of organizations to enrich learning!

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Reason #10:


We moderate panels to scale up learning and bring town halls to life.

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