We are a mission driven learning and development organization that aims to empower individuals and organizations to build a sustainable well-being and resilience as a strategy for personal fulfillment and
organizational success.

Hello, I'm Ratna!

I’m a TEDx speaker, facilitator and trainer, passionate about helping individuals and organizations to find their inner strength, rise above stress, build resilience and thrive in life and at work. Having went through a life changing inner-transformational journey through Mindfulness, I dedicate my life to empower more people to design their life intentionally, at the same time make a difference to the organization and community they serve. Whether you’re looking to improve yourself, your team, or your organization, let's chat!

Our services

corporate talks & trainings

I’ve worked with various organisations to bring mindfulness and well-being as well as personal and career resilience talks.


One-on-one coaching is one of the fastests and most customised ways that you can approach any challenge or close any gap.


Consider my online course on resilience and mental well-being so that you can do you own self-paced learning.

WHY THe MindGem?

Ratna has delivered training and presentation to audiences including :


Ratna was instrumental in helping us to win the China ASEAN New Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Regional Start-ups Competition. The mindfulness session which Ratna facilitated before the competition helps me to calm my nerve, reignited the moment why I started this business and reconnected me to my purpose. She has the power to calm us down & help more people. I still use the tools and practices that Ratna taught whenever I face any challenging situations. I have nothing but good things to say about Ratna’s work.​
Bell Beh ​
Co-Founder, Buzz AR​
I recently attended one of Ratna’s public run focus group discussion for HR practitioners and trust me, this is one of the best well being programme I had thus far. What makes Ratna’s training different from the rest is her genuinity and authenticity personality. She openly shared with the participants about her past setback and instantly, we felt engaged with her. Her calmness and patience doesn’t need much efforts to break the ice within the groups and soon, we could see lots of valuable sharings among the participants. Though the session was short, I had brought back multiple practical and useful tips to help our employees in managing stress and improving work productivity. I truly look forward to learn from Ratna again. ​
Cheng Zi ​
HR Professional​
Ratna Juita organized her presentation materials effectively to suit the workshop purpose and audience. Her style of delivery was friendly, conversational, engaging and accompanied by clear vocals. All attendees provided excellent feedback after her workshop. Her commitment, despite an obstacle prior to arriving at the workshop, which I learned later that it was a frightening traffic accident experience, she arrived smiling, calm, composed and focused on her training as scheduled. I would highly recommend her service.​
Ong Lye Sum
Manager, ITE ​

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